Sunday, August 23, 2009

These are pictures from two of the "charlas" that I did with the health team. We did one in Miguel Christiano, Nicaragua and one in Chunco. In both cases, the children learned about a health topic and then get a chance to demonstrate the skill that they are taught- In these cases, the skills were proper hand washing and tooth brushing. We also handed out soap and toothbrushes. I realized that most of the kids don't have access to water. Most of the families in both of these communities collect water from rainfall to use in the home. These children are such a joy to work with, very sweet and attentive! I hope to develop more health education classes for the children.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Safe in Nicaragua

Here are a few more pics from the Costa Rica adventure. Steven and I arrived safely from Costa Rica to the Amigos for Christ house in Chinandega, Nicaragua. We took one of the local buses and I was really nervous about the trip, but we ended up being surrounded by a group of kids that had just finished serving with the same organization, Amigos! I couldn't believe it- I was also reading and I found the scripture "The Lord will guard you as you come and go, both now and forever." -Psalm 121:8. I felt at ease, even when we spent almost 3 hours waiting at the border to process our paperwork. There were so many times in Costa Rica that I felt more vulnerable than I ever had, just at the mercy of the kindness of others. Backpacking was an amazing adventure and I am so glad to have good friends to share the experience with.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

¡pUrA vIdA!

¡Hola! from the rich coast-Costa Rica!!! For the past 2 weeks I have been bouncing around Costa Rica. I thought I would jump start my move to Nicaragua with a few weeks of fun. Today has been my favorite of the whole trip-My brother, my friend, Robin and I went to Tortuga island. It was absolute paradise and we got a chance to soak it in for a few hours. Imagine white beaches and crystal clear water-pretty much the stereotypical Costa Rica postcard scene. Absolutely gorgeous! I felt a tinge of guilt, but not for long. Currently, we are staying in Montezuma- I have been to Calhuita, San Jose, Allejuela, Jaco and next we are planning to go to Samara, Tamarindo and Liberia- all before we set off for Nicaragua, where I will be settling in for a long stay. It will be comforting to lay my head in the same place for more than 2 nights and I am looking forward to beginning the work in Nicaragua.